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Reading is NOT Enough!

         The 2006 year is off to a great start with the arrival of our PACT manual “Reading is NOT Enough!  This 450 page book outlines the PACT program and is filled with practical information.  The basic premise of the book is that if children learn, and adults go back and relearn, the fundamental academic basics to the point of mastery, they will become confident, independent learners.  Some of these basics include: penmanship, sight words, phonics, structure in writing, math basics, and comprehension.  Reading is NOT Enough!” is a valuable resource for all educators and is useful for

therapeutic, remedial, and enrichment purposes.  It is excellent for

 homeschoolers’  and makes a great gift from grandparents.

Table of contents for Reading is Not Enough

assessments, teaching material, teaching procedures, games, questions and comments, timetables


Chapter 1 - Evaluation - Have I mastered the basics?

Chapter 2 - Mastering Penmanship - Do people want to read my writing?

Chapter 3 - Mastering Sight Words - Speed and accuracy are needed!

Chapter 4 - Mastering Concept Words - Basic comprehension concept words

Chapter 5 - Mastering Phonetics - Key Sounds - Primary decoding tools

Chapter 6 - Mastering Phonetics - Alphabet Team Mastery - What are my choices?

Chapter 7 - Mastering Phonetics - Word Endings - The final touches

Chapter 8 - Mastering Phonemes - Sound Discrimination - Improve your ear!

Chapter 9 - Mastering Basic Spelling Rules - Good spelling is impressive!

Chapter 10 - Mastering Syllables - Become a superb word decoder!

Chapter 11 - Mastering Irregular Verbs - A must   for ESL students!

Chapter 12 - Mastering Basic Sentence Openers - There are more than subject openers!

Chapter 13 - Mastering Basic Sentence Dress-Ups - Add colour to your sentences!

Chapter 14 - Mastering the Narrative Story Model - Tell a good story!

Chapter 15 - Mastering the Essay Model - End the temptation to plagiarize!

Chapter 16 - Mastering Comprehension - Making sure I understand what I read.

Chapter 17 - Mastering Math Basics - Overcome the fear of solving word problems.

Chapter 18 - Theme approach - Mastering the basics through themes I enjoy.

Chapter 19 - Timetables - Record keeping promotes motivation and accountability.

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