These famous literary stories are a must in the

enrichment of our children’s literary knowledge. Do we ever act like the blind men and the elephant? What are the implications if doing so? 

     Students read the stories and answer the questions in complete English sentences. They record their progress by putting a sticker in each square as they complete a story.

     Accompanying each story are comprehension questions and vocabulary words.

Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Seventeen

Sample Story

The Blind Men and the Elephant


     Once there were six blind men who sat by the side of a road every day and begged from the people who passed by. One morning, an elephant was driven down the road past where they sat.  They had often heard of elephants, but of course had never seen one.  When they were told that an elephant was to pass them, they asked the driver to stop so that they might feel it.  They thought that by touching it they could learn what the animal was like.

     The first blind man happened to put his hand on the elephant's side.  "Now I know what this beast is like," said he.  "He is like a wall."

     The second man put out his hands and touched the elephant's tusks.  "You were wrong, my brother," said he.  "He is round and smooth and has a sharp point.  He is more like a spear than anything else."

     The third happened to catch hold of the elephant's trunk.  "Both of you are wrong," he said.  "Why, anyone can see that this elephant is like a snake."

     The fourth reached out and grasped one of the elephant's legs.  "Oh, how blind you are.  It is as plain as can be that he is round and tall like a tree."

     The fifth was a tall man and had happened to take hold of the elephant's ear.  "Why, this beast is not like any of the things that you named," he said.  "He is like a large fan."

     The sixth blind man could hardly find the elephant at all, but a last he grasped the

animal's tail.  Said he, "You men do not know what you are saying.  This elephant is not at all like a wall, nor a spear, nor a snake, nor a tree, nor is it like a fan.  Any man with a little sense can see that it is like a rope."

     After the elephant and the driver moved on, the six blind men sat down by the side of the road a long time and quarreled over what the elephant was like.  Each felt that he knew just how the elephant looked, and each became angry because the others did not agree with him.

     Sometimes people who are not blind act just as foolishly about things they think they have seen.