Silver Alphabet Team Mastery:  The Alphabet Team mastery book goes from “a” to “z” giving all of the different spellings for each letter sound.  Can you name the nine different ways to make the sound /^/?  A solid framework of sounds is developed and confidence grows as students learn how to choose and not guess.

Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Six

Phonetic Program:  The PACT phonetic program consists of three books, the Bronze Key Sounds book, the Silver Alphabet Team Mastery book, and the Gold Word Endings book.  Each book has accompanying ribbons and medals for motivational purposes.

 Line 1    ( a - g )




      b               c


      d               e


      f                g


 Line 1 Test


 Line 2    ( h - m )


      h              i


      j              k


      l              m


 Line 2 Test


 Line 3    ( n - t )






   p       q        r


       s         t


 Line 3 Test


 Line   4  ( u - z )




   v      w        x






 Line 4 Test


 Medal Test