Phonetic Program:  The PACT phonetic program consists of three books, the Bronze Key Sounds book, the Silver Alphabet Team Mastery book, and the Gold Word Endings book.  Each book has accompanying ribbons and medals for motivational purposes.

       The PACT phonetic program motivates students to learn the basic key sounds needed to decode words so they don’t need to constantly be told what the words and sounds are.

       Earning the ribbons and medals motivates children to work at mastering the material.  “May I do the test again?” rather than, “Do I have to do the test again?” is a delight to hear.

Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Five

Bronze Key Sounds:  The Key Sounds book introduces children to the basic phonetic sounds.  Each sound has a key word to help them remember.  Test and quiz pages are included



Vowel Teams




Vowel Dipthongs




3 Sounds of the

Letters “ea”


Red Ribbon


/ng/ /nk/ Sounds


Letter y


Sounds of the

Letters ch


Loudest Consonants


Spellings of the

/sh/ Sound


Beginning Blends


4 Ways to Make the

/]/ Sound


Beginning Blends


9 Ways to Make the

 /[/ Sound


Green Ribbon


3 Ways to Make the

 /ou/ Sound


End Blends


5 Sounds of the

Letters “ou”


Silent e/ Magic e


6 Sounds of the

Letters ough”


Yellow Ribbon


Short Vowel Sounds

and Schwa




Blue Ribbon


“r” Controlled/

Bossy “r”


Bronze Medal


Consonant - le