Text Box: Stylistic Techniques
Text Box: Sentence Openers
(open a sentence)

(1. subj.)  subject opener

(2. prep)  prepositional opener

(3. ’ly’)  ‘ly’ opener

(4. ’ing’ )  ‘ing opener

(5. cl.)  clausal opener

(6. vss)  5 words or less
Text Box: Dress-Ups
(go in the middle of a sentence)

(1. who/ which)  who/ which clause

(2. ‘ly’)  ‘ly’ word  e.g. quickly

(3. bec.cl.)  because clause

(4. str.vb.)  strong verb

(5. qu.adj.)  two quality adjectives

(6. cl.)  when, while, where, since,
            as, if, although, etc.

Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Thirteen

     Study each Sentence Opener and Dress-Up in the Stylistic

Techniques workbook.   Practice using these Stylistic Techniques as you work through Learning Sentence Writing Volumes I- IV, Learning the Narrative Model, Learning Problem Solving, and Comparing the Narrative and Essay Model.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Make your 
writing interesting to read!