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Table of contents for Reading is Not Enough

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 Chapter 1 - Evaluation - Have I mastered the basics?

 Chapter 2 - Mastering Penmanship - Do people want to read my writing?

 Chapter 3 - Mastering Sight Words - Speed and accuracy are needed!

 Chapter 4 - Mastering Concept Words - Basic comprehension concept words

 Chapter 5 - Mastering Phonetics - Key Sounds - Primary decoding tools

 Chapter 6 - Mastering Phonetics - Alphabet Team Mastery - What are my choices?

 Chapter 7 - Mastering Phonetics - Word Endings - The final touches

 Chapter 8 - Mastering Phonemes - Sound Discrimination - Improve your ear!

 Chapter 9 - Mastering Basic Spelling Rules - Good spelling is impressive!

 Chapter 10 - Mastering Syllables - Become a superb word decoder!

 Chapter 11 - Mastering Irregular Verbs - A must   for ESL students!

 Chapter 12 - Mastering Basic Sentence Openers - There are more than subject openers!

 Chapter 13 - Mastering Basic Sentence Dress-Ups - Add colour to your sentences!

 Chapter 14 - Mastering the Narrative Story Model - Tell a good story!

 Chapter 15 - Mastering the Essay Model - End the temptation to plagiarize!

 Chapter 16 - Mastering Comprehension - Making sure I understand what I read.

 Chapter 17 - Mastering Math Basics - Overcome the fear of solving word problems.

 Chapter 18 - Theme approach - Mastering the basics through themes I enjoy.

 Chapter 19 - Timetables - Record keeping promotes motivation and accountability.

       A parent once said to me, “You should write a book about teaching children to master the basics in education.”  At the time I didn’t think I would ever tackle such a project, but now the book is here!  If children do not have these basic skills mastered, with 100% Mastery, they will have difficulty performing various tasks as a result.  These deficiencies follow into adulthood.  This book is a “must” resource for every family!

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