Mastering Basic Sight Words and Concept Words


       Mastery of the basic sight words is essential for

students in order for them to be able to read without

stumbling and pausing over these words which are found in all reading materials.


       Students master the 200 Sight Words until MASTERY is achieved.  Without this mastery students are often

reluctant readers.


       Also ensuring that your children comprehend the 100 Basic Concept Words is important since concepts are foundational ideas.

Text Box: Sight/Concept Words
March 2006 at Beths 045

Jocelyn is working on the first line of Sight Words

which is 40 words.


After each session she puts a sticker or stamp on the page.  When she achieves MASTERY she can be put on the sharing page on our website!

Concept Words

1. Place the yellow circle       above the green triangle.

2. Put the heart across

      from the square.

3. Put the shapes in a line. 

      Make sure the yellow circle is

      after the blue square.

4. Place 3 shapes on the desk

      in order from biggest to


Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Three

1. above

2. across

3. after

4. against

5. alike

6. all

7. almost

8. along

9. among

10. apart