Missy's Misadventure


     Walking quietly along a trail beside the lake, Missy Chick was very happily following her mother, brother, and sister chicks.  It was a lovely afternoon and Missy, who loved to be out and about, chased lots of bugs up and around the trail.  She puffed her fluffy, yellow wings, and strutted confidently on her webbed, ducky legs because all was right with her world.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the wind was rustling gently through the trees.


     Missy continued to stroll along contently.  When she looked up, however, she was lost!  "Oh, no!" she cried silently to herself.  "What shall I do?"  In every direction that she looked, there was no sign of her loved ones.  The trail, which twisted and turned along the lake, felt cold and gave little comfort.  Slowly, Missy sat down on her furry, yellow feathers and began to cry.  What was she to do when it got dark?  How would she find her mom?


     For paragraph three, make your own outline and then write a summary.  This will be Draft One.  In Draft Two, add the sentence openers and dress-ups which you have been taught.  Your final draft should be typed on the computer.

Solving the Problem

Sample Page

     Although every story needs a problem,

students often have difficulty figuring out what the problem is in a story.  The Solving the

Problem  book helps students concentrate on identifying the problem and then solving it.

     A sample solution is provided for each story at the back of the book to give ideas.

     Sentence Openers and Dress-Ups are bolded throughout the book for students to identify.  This is a fun way of reinforcing the

Stylistic Techniques already taught.

Missy's Misadventure-  Sample Solution


     Calling out loudly, Missy hoped her family would hear.  Excitedly, she turned her soft, fluffy head towards the sky and let out a cheep as loud as she could manage.  There was no answer.  Again and again she cried, "CHEEP, CHEEP, CHEEP!"  Missy was becoming scared because there was no response.  When she thought all hope was lost, from far up the trail she heard a loud honking.  Over the hill she spotted her family and shouted, "Hooray, hooray!"  She quickly toddled up the path to rejoin her brothers and sisters who were happy to see that she was safe.  What a scary misadventure Missy had!

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