Gold Word Endings:  Many people have never heard of the “schwa” sound, yet it is in so many of our English words.  Students grow leaps and bounds in decoding when they master Word Endings, and the sense of

accomplishment they feel from having completed the phonetic program and achieved all three medals is truly priceless.

Description of MEB/PACT Materials   -Page Seven

Phonetic Program:  The PACT phonetic program consists of three books, the Bronze Key Sounds book, the Silver Alphabet Team Mastery book, and the Gold Word Endings book.  Each book has accompanying ribbons and medals for motivational purposes.

Word Endings


Common Endings


“ed” Plural Endings


Common Endings


Common Endings


“ate”,  “ite”,  “ute”


“ice”,  “ise”,  “ine”


Schwa Endings


“tion”,  “cian”,  “sion”


/~ble/,  /~l/,  /~n/,  /~t/


/~s/,  /j~s/,  /~nt/


/~ns/,  /~ns&/,  /sh~l/


/sh~n/,  /sh~nt/,  /sh~s/


Medal Test